Problem Solving

If you're experiencing "problems" with your horse it's not only aggravating, it can be very dangerous. Although I'm referring to them as "problems", they're basically a lack of communication and understanding. Horses have an instinctive "programming". As prey animals, what they don't understand or feel threatened by, they attack or flee from. This can be very dangerous for you and your horse. I want your horse to gain confidence and understand what we're asking from him.

You may have a horse that does well except for 1 or 2 things. It may be that he won't cross a creek. Or he holds his head so high it's almost impossible to bridle him. Maybe, no matter what bit you use, your horse won't stop like he should. Or maybe you have the horse who could win the show, if you could just get him on the horse trailer to go to the show.

Maybe you feel like you've wrestled a bear instead of trimmed a bridle path. These are the kinds of problems I'll address with your horse. Using Natural Horsemanship, I'll seek out the root of the problem and then work towards correcting it.

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